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Upon receiving a very welcoming invitation to explore Jan-Leigh's coaching skills I committed myself to change and a new beginnings in my life.    Confused and unsettled due to many situations in my life, whilst having goals and not knowing how to get there, I gladly looked forward to each week's session, even though challenging.  I was enjoying the challenges and awakenings that it brought to me.  


Jan-Leigh gently guided me to look at myself, my values, goals, strengths and weaknesses, during this period I awoke to a lot of things I wanted to change in my life and with her guidance I moved mountains.   Jan-Leigh empowered me with many tools, knowledge and wisdom that I still use today to move forward, to be positive, bright and fully present.


I am truly grateful for my time I spent with Jan-Leigh and admire her tenacity to support me, her love, integrity, eloquence, and patience that she showed me. 


All the best Jan-Leigh, you are amazing.

Jennie de Varga