PhiNest Living

An Introduction To Your Unlimited Potential    

Saturday Afternoons Throughout February 2017

Jan-Leigh from PhiNest Living is a Transformational Life Coach, and a Practitioner in NLP, Meta Dynamics ™ and Life Alignment.  Jan-Leigh helps people to fast track transformation by ridding the old programs that preside over their lives, and clearing fundamental blockages.

We know deep within that we are destined for greater success and happiness.
By gently closing the influences of the past, accepting new and improved wisdom, beliefs and strategies, we can completely reorient our life and recreate a future that is compelling.

‘Understanding Life’s Blueprint’

This workshop is an introduction into 5 key areas responsible for shaping your life and destiny.  Discover the truth, become empowered to make new choices, and begin to rewrite your destiny, on your terms.

‘The Power of Life Hacks’
Unwritten Life Rules that can Empower your world

This workshop outlines the unconscious signals we present to the world, through our different mediums, which are undermining our true desires. These signals flow into every aspect of our lives.  Through becoming conscious of how we are contributing to our current reality, we can make different choices and completely redesign our lives.  

‘Rock your World, Take Action’

Discover 5 key ingredients to long lasting confidence, health and wellbeing. Here, we take a close look at the fundamentals that will keep you rock solid, as you traverse your journey to awesomeness.

For all enquiries please contact Jan-Leigh at PhiNest Living, on 0438 697365.

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