Jan-Leigh of PhiNest Living is a Master Coach and Practitioner in NLP,

Meta Dynamics™, Life Alignment, Reiki, and an Ambassador for the

‘Your Success Program’.  

Jan-Leigh creates individual ‘Life By Design’ sessions and programs that are tailored to the individual clients’ needs for family harmony, success,

happiness, fulfillment and vibrant health. 

Have you ever had the sense that life just happens to you, and felt the powerlessness that can accompany such experiences?


• Playing small in the Game of Life; or

• Feelings of lonliness, perhaps disconnected at times, misunderstood; or

• Experiencing Family discord;

• Trapped in your own patterns of procrastination and overwhelm, anxiety;

• Silencing your own expression of who you are;

• Compromising your Health and Vitality

• Blocking your unrealised potential;

• Siphoning your Wealth and abundance;

• Hiding your Courage To Be Your Own Version Of You.


Your journey can be a FAST TRACK to ridding the old programs that preside over your life, and to clearing fundamental blockages.

Rewrite the blueprint of your life and awaken the burning passion within;

• Discover your unique Talents, Skills and Abilities;

• Create a compelling future, Dare to Dream;

• Reinvigorate and bring harmony to your family dynamics;

• Heal the past, Rocket into your Future;

• Upscale your health and vitality

• Create an Abundance Mindset;

• Embrace a framework ready for success;

• Discover Life Empowerment Techniques.



How to spring into action:

Contact Jan-Leigh for a complimentary ‘Dynamic Life’ session