A Life By Design


Have you ever had that inner knowing that life was meant to be so much more?

 You can choose to unlock the keys to your Unlimited Potential.  Your journey can be a fast track to ridding the old programs that preside over your life, and to clearing fundamental blockages.

Redesign Your Life and establish a Mindset that is ready for a life of love, success, enriched relationships and true happiness.

Your Success Program


Have you ever dreamed of finding your perfect path?  Have you ever wanted to know what truly matters, how you truly matter?

The answer is here now.  Imagine the power of living your life on a highter level.  Where health, vitality, joy, wealth, career, relationships and love is more than just acceptable - it is extraordinary

Your Success is the 12-Step System to Creating Life On Your Terms.

The Meta DynamicsTM Profiling Tool is the first and only research based Coaching methodology in the world.

This methodology provides you with the ultimate road map to individual success, and success within your Business, Corporate and/.or Leadership environment.

The Meta DynamicsTM Profiling Tool measures 16 dimensions and 41 Universal traits, providing you an exclusive window into your ultimate potential.

Profiling - 

 Jan-Leigh Matchett of PhiNest Living is a Master Practitioner in NLP, Meta Dynamics™, Eriksonian Therapy, Life Alignment and Reiki, and an Ambassador for the ‘Your Success Program’.  Jan-Leigh creates individual ‘Life By Design’ sessions and programs that are tailored to the individual clients’ needs for family harmony, lifestyle, health and major life changing dreams and goals. 

About Jan-Leigh

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Upon receiving a very welcoming invitation to explore Jan-Leigh's coaching skills I committed myself to change and a new beginnings in my life.    Confused and unsettled due to many situations in my life, whilst having goals and not knowing how to get there, I gladly looked forward to each week's session, even though challenging.  I was enjoying the challenges and awakenings that it brought to me.  


Jan-Leigh gently guided me to look at myself, my values, goals, strengths and weaknesses, during this period I awoke to a lot of things I wanted to change in my life and with her guidance I moved mountains.   Jan-Leigh empowered me with many tools, knowledge and wisdom that I still use today to move forward, to be positive, bright and fully present.


I am truly grateful for my time I spent with Jan-Leigh and admire her tenacity to support me, her love, integrity, eloquence, and patience that she showed me. 


All the best Jan-Leigh, you are amazing.

Jennie de Varga